If you want to change the world

go home and love your family -Mother Teresa

Learning to live without anxiety

I am ripping the band aid off, if you will. I am opening up to let others, who struggle with similar issues, know that you can get through this, and you can find true inner peace. Peace that transcends all understand (Phil 4:7). I am not saying you can do it alone, however. We are not Read more about Learning to live without anxiety[…]

When I make mistakes

1 John 1:19 says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is a truth that sometimes is so difficult to sink into my human brain. I have a really difficult time especially when a mistake involves the children (like Read more about When I make mistakes[…]

Spring: where for art thou?

UGH! I have been struggling this week to find some motivation! I am cold, it is cold. This is my excuse: I can see right through myself. I honestly, want to sit under a blanket, close my eyes and open them when it is finally warm out! Where is spring when ya need it? You Read more about Spring: where for art thou?[…]

Reaching Outside Ourselves

Community service was never anything I gave much thought growing up. We went to church and did our own family things, but we never volunteered. After becoming a regular church goer to a pretty large church in our area, I began to wonder just how I could get more involved. I wanted to make sure Read more about Reaching Outside Ourselves[…]

The Great Comparison

How many mothers (show of hands or nod of the head) has compared their mothering to another mom? Well, really I could exchange mothers for humans! It is a human flaw, but I’ll focus on Mom’s since I am one ! I used to be the worst at comparing my own mothering to others. I Read more about The Great Comparison[…]